Apache Real Time Monitoring Service

XWeb offers a real-time monitoring service for Apache servers to optimize their performance and security.

X-Monitor is a valuable tool for any company that hosts its website on an Apache server.

With XWeb's real-time monitoring, you can see the load on the server, CPU usage, and the number of requests per second, minute, or over time, for each domain they host on the server.

This allows them to see which domains are receiving significant traffic and adjust their settings accordingly to optimize performance and security.

Apache Monitor

You don't have to install anything, Apache is the tool.

One of the biggest benefits of the x-Monitor service is that it does not require the installation of any additional software on your server. Instead, it uses Apache's "mod_status" module, which means you only need to do a little configuration to start monitoring your server.

This means you won't have to worry about installing and maintaining additional software on your server, saving you valuable time and resources. Plus, by not having to install additional software on your server, you can also minimize the risk of outages or errors to your system.

Monitor all your servers from a single location.

Another important advantage of the XWeb monitoring service is that it allows the configuration of several servers and the monitoring of all of them in real time from the same place. This is ideal for companies that have multiple Apache servers and want to monitor them efficiently.

With the ability to monitor multiple servers in real time from a single location, users can have a global view of all their servers and quickly spot any issues that could affect their performance or security.

With automatic alerts, you'll always be alert and prepared.

X-Monitor allows you to configure alerts in case your server fails or the load is too high. These alerts allow users to quickly take action to resolve any issues, minimizing the impact on your server's performance and security.


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